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2017 Symposium

2nd Annual Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium: Intersection of Best Practices and Sustainability

The Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium will bring together industry leaders to discuss best recommended practices of dairy cattle welfare and their implementation with focus on public relations, community outreach, and interaction with animal rights advocacy groups. The roster of speakers includes several dairymen and dairy managers that will discuss routine welfare challenges observed in dairy operations. The symposium is targeted towards dairy producers, consultants, dairy industry reps, academia/Extension, and veterinarians.

CE Credit (16 hours)

Dates & Location

  • Lodging: (cut off May 17th)
The Pfister Hotel
424 East Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee  WI 53202
(800) 472-4403 

Registration Information

  • Cost:
    • $300 (includes free membership)
    • $75 for students
  • Maximum Capacity: 
    • 350 attendees (30 spots available for students)