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Join the Dairy Cattle Welfare Council

DCWC membership is very affordable and provides access to many valuable resources including continuing education resources. Membership is available for individuals working in the dairy industry including, but not limited to: dairy cattle producers and managers, veterinarians, academicians, consultants, nutritionists, animal health company representatives, feed company employees, dairy industry writers and publishers, students, etc. Group membership options are available for corporations/institutions and processors/co-ops.

Membership Includes:

  • Networking opportunities with top industry professionals directly involved with dairy cattle welfare.
  • Access to the membership portion of the website.
    • Unlimited access to all recordings from the Webinar Series (CC capable in Spanish, French, etc.)
    • Unlimited access to selected educational resources from past symposiums.
  • Access to the DCWC Listserv, an electronic mailing list for discussing issues and topics relevant to dairy cattle welfare.
  • A Certificate of Membership to signify your commitment to animal welfare.


  • The membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th
  • Active members in good standing shall pay dues annually

Membership Types:

  • Individual Membership ($50)
  • Corporate/Institutional Membership ($500 per package)
    • Includes 12 individual memberships per package. Groups may purchase more than 1 package to match their needs.
  • Processor/co-op Membership ($1,000)
    • Includes 1 individual membership for staff member & a discount code to provide to patron farms which gives them a 50% discount on their individual membership. Processors/co-ops may also purchase additional individual memberships for their staff by adding the corporate/institutional membership package(s).
  • Student Membership ($15)
    • The student rate is intended for full-time undergraduate, graduate, or professional students who are not yet working full-time. Students must provide proof of enrollment upon request.


  • Submit online (Membership Year: July 1 through June 30):

Individual and Student Members: Click here to join

Corporate/Institutional and Processor/Co-op Members: Click here to join

Renew Membership: Click here to pay your dues